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Adrianne Allen

Studio owner/Artistic director (on site)

Adrianne Allen

Studio owner/Artistic director (on site)

Adrianne Allen began to study dance at “Henderson’s Dance Academy” in Garden City, Mi at the age of 13, becoming an assistant instructor at age 16. During her time at Henderson’s she competed every dance year placing high rankings in multiple competitions until graduating high school and continuing her education at HFCC where she joined the Full Circle Dance Team. Adrianne has always been praised on her ability to interpret/perform dance and entertain an audience. Adrianne has performed on many stages such as; a variety of dance competitions, beauty pageant intermissions, various in and out of state workshops, Detroit’s 2016 Superbowl halftime performance, runway fashion show’s for AL Wissom, and The DIA for the Detroit City Dance Festival just to name a few. Miss Allen has taught and is currently teaching at a number of locations such as; Farmington Hills High School, many Metro Detroit Middle schools/ Recreation Centers, and Dancing Feats Centre where she trains and prepares dancers for recreational as well as competitive and professional performances. Adrianne purchased her childhood dance studio “Henderson’s Dance Academy” in 2013 and made is “Dancers for Life School of Dance” where her and the DFL staff trains dancers in tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, tumbling, contemporary dance. Not only to we train our dancers in dance and performance but we focus on their growth as good human beings.

Miss Allen has now been teaching consistently for 11 years, within the past 6 years she has made dance/dance education her main priority, she has been featured in two music videos, trained in NYC and has completely fell in love with movement and made dance and her students her main focus. Adrianne has chosen to continue her dance education by taking classes herself on a regular basis, she has completed her Dance Studio Ownership Certification through IAP college, her Personal Nutrition completion certification through City American Heath, and will soon be finished with her Personal Training and Group Training certification through City American Health.

Along side Miss Allen she welcomes her trained DFL staff, DFL’s has experienced well trained staff for the full time and part time assistants of her teachings as well as walk-in workshop staff. It has been a joy for Adrianne to watch her dance


Victoria Campbell comes to us with over 15 years of experience. She received her childhood training at Robert Lee School of Dance, studying intensely in virtually all styles. As an 8 year member of their competitive team, she received countless regional and national championships and performance opportunities around the country including Alabama, Ohio, New Jersey and all over the state of Michigan. During her competitive career she was fortunate enough to be apart of teams that placed top 3 in the 2013 and 2015 World Series of Dance. In high school Victoria was also a dance major in Churchill High School’s Creative and Performing Arts program, holding a membership in the National Dance Honors Society her junior and senior year. In this program she was able to further her technical training and study dance history, anatomy, choreography and pedagogy. As a student choreographer Victoria’s pieces were often chosen for company showcases and received top adjudications in national competitions. Victoria’s performance credits include halftime shows for the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, Oakland Dance Festival, Wayne State University, Marygrove College, Children’s Miracle Network and recording artists Kid Rock, Nickelback and Deleanta. Victoria continues to further her training under master teachers and professional studios whenever possible. During competition season she also travels on the Spotlight Dance Cup national tour as a merchandise associate. She hopes to inspire her students to find their confidence, community and love for dance.


Victoria Campbell

Toddlers, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Competition (on site)

Anna Campbell

Yin Yoga

Anna is a longtime yoga practitioner, beginning her practice with the Bikram method. Anna continues to practice yoga multiple times per week around the metro Detroit area and has even taken classes in New Jersey and Los Angeles. More recently, she is drawn to the healing, restorative and low impact method of Yin Yoga as she believes this practice is suitable for every BODY. She obtained her Yin certification in 2016 and is thrilled to be joining the Dancers for Life staff as a Yin Yoga instructor. She has also received her certification as a personal trainer, she is a level II Reiki Practitioner and is trained in the Access Bars modality. In addition to improving physical health with a regular Yin Yoga practice, Anna hopes to inspire students to cultivate their inner peace and universal connection.


Mack has been a certified personal trainer for over a year now but has over ten years of consistently training himself, his family and friends. Mack has worked at a number of fitness studios and gyms in the metro Detroit area and has worked with/trained 100s of clients and has been a major part in improving their lifestyle. What Mack loves most about his job is that he mentally, physically and spiritually improves his clients quality of life. His motto is “look better, feel great, live longer.” Mack’s salesmanship comes from the heart “exercise is great for everyone.” His classes consist of; warm ups, cardiovascular and strength training, active stretching, core strengthening routines and a cool down. This is Sergeant Mack’s 1st year with DFL and we welcome him with open arms!


Robert Mack A.K.A. Sergeant Mack

Certified Personal Trainer

Chelsea Lyson


Chelsea Lyson is new to teaching dance but has over 15 years of experience in teaching. She has taught
swim lessons to all ages and is looking forward to adapting her knowledge into dance. Chelsea has a
passion for kids and enriching their lives. She attended Eastern Michigan University where she studied
Elementary Education. She loves to take on new challenges and is excited to learn and grow with her

My name is Erica Starkey. I’m the parent of a talented dancer named Taylor. Taylor’s been a dancer with Dancers for Life for 3 years. For 8 years I worked as a manager at a bank. Now I’m a stay at home mother of one. I always love getting involved in anything my daughter does from school to daily activities. When Ms. Adrianne asked me to come aboard to be dance mom president I was overwhelmed and honored. I love being around all the kids watching them grow, learn and accomplish their goals. Im glad to be part of the team.

Erica Starkey

DFL Dance Mom President 

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